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Zalto Carafe no. 75

Serve your drinks the best way possible!

Zalto has created this carafe for serving and storing your beverages in an elegant and exclusive way. Zalto Carafe no. 75 is made to enhance the taste and increase the freshness of every drink, you like. Since the carafe is mouth-blown of lead-free crystal, the glass is perfect for storing the beverages without any dangerous leads. The Zalto Carafe no. 75 decorates every fine dining table, where the design brings a stylish, elegant and exclusive touch.

The Zalto Carafe no. 75 is useful for white wine, water and freshly squeezed juice. Give your beverages the perfect conditions and indulge yourself, your guests and your taste buds with this Zalto carafe.

Height: 248 mm. Volume: 820 ml