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Zalto Burgundy Glass

With an extraordinary and pompous design the Zalto Burgundy glass is made to highlight the nuances of your most expressive and powerful wines.

A unique shape of the bowl increases the surface area of the wine, allowing the wine to breathe, develop and bring the fruity and sweeter notes into play. The Zalto Burgundy glass manages to soften very concentrated wines, so a perfectly balanced taste can enrich your palate.

Pour the most powerful, rich and fruity wines in this Burgundy glass to achieve the greatest efficiency of the glass; Barolo, Barbaresco, Pinots (Noir, Gris and Blanc), Californian Cabernets and Chardonnays, Burgundy styled wines, Amarone and Tempranillo wines.

"Only one glass, please!" gives a whole new dimension, since the volume nearly counts one liter.

Height: 230 mm. Volume capacity: 960 ml