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Zalto, Zalto Denk'art, Zalto glasses, Zalto wine glasses

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Zalto, Zalto Denk'art, Zalto glasses, Zalto wine glasses

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When form and function melt in complete harmony

The Zalto glasses hail from proud hand-blown traditions in Austria. The Zalto-family has for six generations perfected the finest hand-blown techniques due to create the best wine glass. The main principle is technical perfectionism combined with a unique design. Zalto strives in every little detail to create the finest wine glass, where an exclusive uncompromising design combined with the best materials and the best glassblowing artisanship enhances the taste of the wine and give you the best experience.


Elasticity, light as feather and thin as a needle

Elegance, finesse and exclusivity define Zalto’s glassware. A thickness down to 0.3 mm of pure hand-blown crystal free of toxic lead allows the wine to unfold the nuances of the taste, so the glass does not disclose its own temperature to the wine. The Zalto glass can seem too fragile to hold in your hand due to its slenderness and lightness, but that is exactly the point: The crystal enables the glass to be spun extremely thin to emphasize a unique, stylish and exclusive design while still maintaining the strength and elasticity. The glasses are resistant to clouding and scratching and most important: dishwasher safe. We recommend you to dish wash the glasses, because hand washing the glasses more likely can create breakage. Therefore you have a glass for ”everyday” use and for your best occasions.


Inspiration from the ancient Romans

To achieve pure perfection Zalto developed their glasses in accordance with the tilt angles of the Earth. The curves of the bowl of each Zalto glass are tilted at 24, 48 and 72 degrees. This technique derives from the old Romans, who used the tilt angles of the Earth in their vessels of food and drink both to keep the content fresher and to improve the taste. By using these cosmic parallels Zalto lets the wine reach its maximum potential, so you can get the best wine tasting experience.

We like to see it like this: A Zalto glass is a lifetime investment in improved and enriched wine experience. We invite you into a world of complete wine tasting experience, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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