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This luxurious and authentic LaguioleLIMITED EDITION corkscrew is a handmade masterpiece in genuine Laguiole-style from the heart of French knife culture. Zaltify has developed this Laguiole LIMITED EDITION corkscrew together with the prestigious French manufacturer Claude Dozorme.

Numbered Limited Edition – hurry up, only 25 examples!

This Laguiole LIMITED EDITION corkscrew is the perfect collector’s item for every wine lover – a perfect personal gift to complete the ’Zaltify’ wine experience. All of the corkscrews are numbered from 1 to 25 and they all have ’Zaltify’ engravings on the side.

With the brilliant natural BURGUNDY WINE STOCKmaterial, the handle feels light, soft and delicate, and the high quality design appears stylish and elegant. With technical perfectionism and the highest quality the corkscrew is designed to gently open every wine bottle with elegance.

Zaltify your wine moments with this unique Laguiole LIMITED EDITION corkscrew and enrich the wine experience for you and your guests.